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Improving Your Web Site ROI

OK, you've gone ahead and gotten a website. Now, what is it doing for you?

As a small business, you hired someone to design your site a few years ago, just like everyone else did. It has all the regular sections on it - what you do, who you are, how to contact you. And now it's sitting there on the Internet. But, is it bringing in the leads you need to do business?

A Brochure is Not Enough

When you give a prospect a brochure, what happens? In the best case, he reads it, creates a file on your company, puts the brochure in the file, and recalls it when he is ready to buy. It's more likely that he takes it, reads it, and puts it somewhere where it will never be found at the time he's ready to buy. (At worst, it never gets read, and never gets found again).

When someone visits your site, what happens? Maybe they found you through a search engine. Maybe there was a link to your site from somewhere else. The person looks through a few pages of your site. If you're lucky, he adds your site to his already crowded Favorites menu. Then, he goes away, never to be heard from again. You've just lost a lead.

Sure, you'd like to believe that everyone who visits your site is ready to buy. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Just as not everyone that picks up your brochure will buy today, most visitors to your site won't call and place an order, or even send an email to your info@ email address. They'll look around, and then they'll be gone.

How to Get Your Website To Work For You

When someone visits your website and responds with a contact form, an email, or a phone call, you've got a prospect that your sales team can work with. But, what about the ones that don't? These suspects are possible future buyers of your product or service, but you have no way of knowing who they are, or of finding them again.

If you could capture the email address of these suspects, you could start a dialog with them. Using email newsletters and announcements, you can communicate with these suspects, putting your name in front of them until they are ready to buy.

At Site ROI, we bring some of the technologies used by the big guys to the small to midsized business that wants to improve its web presence. If you started a website a few years ago and want improve your return on investment, read on...

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